Is The Humminbird 161 Combo 4-Inch Waterproof Marine GPS Plus Chartplotter As Superior As They Declare?

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The particular requirements of fishermen have been the objective for a dedicated GPS device for a long time. If you own a boat and love to fish, then you more than likely either have one or know others who do. Adding chart plotting to a Gps system advances its value to fishermen. These devices absolutely make a days fishing more proficient and productive, as well. Simply guessing the spot of the fish is not very accurate. I’m writing about the Humminbird 161 Marine GPS to put forward a solution that may aid you.

This device, the Humminbird 161, provides maximum functionality for the fishing enthusiast. Included is a combination fish-finder and marine GPS which provides for site chartplotting. You just have to take this one unit, which can save you space in your gear. The GPS receiver has 16 channels which offer 4 nautical miles of resolution. More advanced functions can be supplied by adding extra power. The fish finder ability utilizes a sonar beam by a 20 degree spread.

The sonar is designed to provide extended pattern coverage while preserving sufficient definition. You will be able to chart up to 600 feet having a resolution of 2.5 inches. You are able to even monitor your jigs as deep as 40 feet by means of the Sonar Echo Enhancement.

The 4″ LCD screen is easy to read due to the 16 levels of gray scale. The LCD monitor of course was designed for adequate visibility during sunny days. Designed for dull days, there is a backlight capability. Extra display positives incorporate the power to zoom from two to eight times so you can take a closer look. Distinguishing fish from their surroundings is a great deal easier by means of the zoom. It comes along with a transom mount that allows for quick release. This even allows you to tip the unit and swivel as needed for maximum simplicity of use and visual monitoring. It can be mounted in-dash or, if you have a preference,  used as a gimbal mount.

It ships with the UniMap database of the United States that gives 750 waypoints for reference. There are even 20 routes along with 10 tracks consisting of two thousand points each. In addition, lakes, rivers as well as coastal regions in the US are also mapped out in this device. Of course the Humminbird 161 is a water-proof built design by means of full gaskets for maximum protection. The unit comes complete with operation manual, transducer and needed mounting hardware.


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